Our Founder Mark Bott - Over 20 Years Fighting for Child Safety Education and Preperation

Operation Kidsafe Founder - Mark Bott Covers Safety Tips

Operation Kidsafe Founder - Mark Bott covers safety tips


Mark has been an International child safety advocate and expert for over 2 decades.  

Mark's Operation Kidsafe program started 18 years ago and has help educate and protect over ONE-MILLION children.

Mark's Great Grandfather (Hugh Chalmers) founded Chalmers Motor Car Company in Detroit, MI in 1906 

and also started the MVP Award in major league baseball.  (Originally called the Chalmers Award) 

Hugh was inducted into the Automobile Hall of Fame in Detroit.  

Mark has followed in Hugh's footsteps owning and operating Auto Dealerships and Training Companies.  

Mark sold his businesses 20 years ago and went out to volunteer for a month or two.  

That has become a Decade or two now!

Mark and his wife Patty have 7 grown children and 11 Grandkids. 

Mark Bott and John Walsh



Mark worked 4 years with 

John Walsh "Host of America's Most Wanted" 

on developing and implementing Child safety programs world-wide. 


Mark was also a force behind the Amber Alert and other child safety focused initiatives in the United States and Canada.

Amber Alert Ready Form


 Each child attending an Operation Kidsafe Event gets a FREE and Private Amber Alert ready form.  The child's 10 digital fingerprints and photo are captured onsite and ready to hand to law enforcement in a family emergency.  

Founder Mark Bott feels that no one but your school and medical providers should ever get private information on your children.  The Operation Kidsafe Program does not even ask for a name.  The parent takes home the only record of the visit.

Awesome today's world safety tips are provided on the back of the form so parents can start a family safety action plan.

Recent Year-Round Child Safety Centers Open

Hampsted, Maryland


Prince George, Canada


Louisville , Kentucky


Statesboro, Georgia


Burke, Virginia


West Palm Beach, Florida


Recent Year-Round Child Safety Centers Open

Hampsted, Maryland


Prince George, Canada


Louisville , Kentucky


Statesboro, Georgia


Burke, Virginia


West Palm Beach, Florida